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Manchester City Centre has over 75 hotels with accommodation to suit everyone. Many visit the city for its vibrant nightlife, its historical sites and famous landmarks.

Greater Manchester Hotel Watch Scheme has been set up to allow the sharing of information between hotel partners and Greater Manchester Police.


  • Identify and minimise potential crime trends with the hotel environment.
  • Encourage the collection and dissemination of information.
  • Promote a safe and crime free environment for guests, visitors and staff.
  • Identify local issues and problems and seek effective and lasting solutions and thereby reduce the fear of crime.
  • Promote tourism within the safe environment of the Greater Manchester
  • Promote training and awareness in dealing with current crime and terrorism trends.
  • To set up better links with local police force / liaison officers

How is this achieved?

  • By improving security, increasing vigilance, increasing crime prevention awareness.
  • By providing accurate information to scheme members about risks.
  • By ensuring prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity.

The Police can provide up to date information on crime trends as well as expert advice at no cost. Hotel watch scheme members can contribute valuable information about any problems they may have, which combined with the Police data, provides a powerful basis for action against crime and disorder. There is no cost to members, crime prevention advice and community safety information is provided free of charge.

This scheme provides;

  • Opportunities to bring hotel businesses together
  • An increased awareness of local crime issues and how to tackle them
  • Real contributions to improving your area and quality of life
  • Greater vigilance
  • Increased crime prevention awareness, reducing the opportunities for crime
  • Better communication between business, the Police and other agencies at a local event.

Please contact 101 for more information.  

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