/ Dashcam & Headcam guidance

We have seen an increase of digital recordable media devices such as headcams and dash cams in use by all road users.

Please note we cannot accept reports via social media.

Footage appearing in the media MAY undermine or prohibit any prosecution, so please refrain from uploading it until speaking to the police.

If you capture antisocial or inconsiderate driving please do the following:

  • All incidents must be reported via 101 or 999 in an emergency.
  • We will need the whole, unedited, footage of your journey, not just the incident.
  • Footage will need to be either on a SD card, memory stick, or CD. We cannot accept edited clips or from footage from social media.
  • Be aware that the driving or riding of all parties will be reviewed. Stay calm do not interact with the road user as your camera will be recording and your actions will be captured as well. Loud music, telephone conversations, using abusive language or showing aggression could affect liability, prosecution and court decisions.
  • We will require a written statement to evidence the footage.
  • You may be required to attend court as a witness.

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