/ Civil Contingencies & Resilience Unit

Civil Contingencies & Resilience Unit

The Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit (CCRU) is made up of the following units: Emergency Planning Unit, Resilience Development Unit and Casualty Bureau.

The CCRU is a dedicated team of police officers and police staff within the Specialist Operations Branch of Greater Manchester Police.

The CCRU works with other agencies to identify current threats and risks within Greater Manchester, thereby ensuring that the force has the capability to respond to an emergency or major incident. This is done in part by producing and testing and exercising emergency and contingency plans, for example:

  • Unknown incidents at unknown locations, such as a plane crash.
  • Unknown incidents at known locations, such as sports stadiums.
  • Known incidents at known locations, such as chemical plants.

The unit ensures that these plans are compatible with the plans of partners especially other emergency services and local authority, so we can work together at an incident thereby enabling us to fulfil the police role as coordination of the overall emergency response.

The CCRU in cooperation with other agencies provides training and exercising designed both to test the plans and to raise awareness of emergency procedures thereby enabling staff to deal with and respond to emergencies effectively.     

Also in the event of an emergency CCRU provide the overall support to the incident commander.

Greater Manchester Community Risk Register

The Greater Manchester Community Risk register is available on the link to the right.

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