/ Business Watch

A Business Watch is a partnership between a local business community, the local authority, police and other statutory agencies to keep one another informed of crime and disorder issues that are affecting their area.

How can Business Watch benefit my business?

  • Reduce the costs and impact of crime against you and your business.
  •  Being part of a local network at little or no cost and benefiting from your neighbours help.
  •  Help raise awareness of suspicious activities as they happen enabling you to be better prepared.
  •  Having your neighbours’ support in preventing crimes against your business.

What can Business Watch do?

  •  Increase real and perceived security for your customers and employees.
  •  Raise quality of life and boost trade.
  •  Help reduce and prevent crime in your area.
  •  Enable businesses to protect themselves both individually and collectively.
  •  Provide mutual help and support between members.

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