Off-road Bikes

Tackling the problem of off-road bikes, including quad bikes, creating a nuisance and being a danger in communities is challenging, for the police and for the people who live in the area.

But we can all play our part.

A quick guide to the laws around what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to off-road bikes can be found on the Department for Transport website at

However, you can help us tackle the issue by monitoring the situation before contacting us. The guide below provides some steps that we encourage you to take before calling for police assistance.

If off-road bikes are a problem in your area, take a look at the guide and use it to help us and our partners make your community safe.

Download our handy record sheet to keep note of what’s happening in your area and help us and partners get a picture of the issue.

Remember, If it is an emergency and lives are at risk please contact the police immediately on 999.













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