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Dog Unit

  • Greater Manchester Police's Tactical Dog Unit consists of 50 staff and 60 working dogs.
  • The unit is split into two factions. 38 staff all handling 1 General Purpose Dog and 12 staff handling 1 or 2 Specialist Search Dogs
  • All our dogs are allocated to their handler and remain with that handler for the duration of their working life, they live at home with their handler and at the end of their working life most of the dogs retire and remain with their handler as a pet.
  • All General Purpose Dogs are all trained to track for persons/offenders, search open areas and buildings, to search for and find recently discarded items of property and also to detain suspects.
  • We have Specialist search dogs trained to detect firearms and ammunition, cash and drugs of all types, also other dogs are trained specifically to search for explosives.
  • All these dogs are utilised daily within GMP in the fight against serious acquisitive crime to assist bringing offenders to justice. The dogs and their handlers receive regular training from GMP’s Dog Training Unit who are all ex Police Dog Handlers and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • The Tactical Dog Unit also have a dedicated Dangerous Dog liaison officer and a small number of handlers who are trained to identify dogs that may be classed as a dangerous breed.
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