Neighbourhood and Home Watch schemes

Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary movement which helps prevent crime and strengthen community spirit.

Neighbourhood Watch enables residents and the police to support each other, helping to reduce crime.

Neighbourhood Watch is owned and run by its members.

Schemes thrive on enthusiastic Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and active and involved members.

Neighbourhood Watch Network

The Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) is the national umbrella organisation for Neighbourhood Watch.  Its aim is to: “bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen”.

The NWN provides national ‘standardised’ advice and guidance on setting up and running Neighbourhood Watch.  It also provides a national register/database of Schemes.

Further information can be found on the NWN website:

Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association

The Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association (GMNWA) operates at a ‘Force level’ and has responsibility for maintaining the impetus of Neighbourhood Watch in the region.

It provides guidance and policies on how Neighbourhood Watch operates within Greater Manchester, deciding any new processes, and maintaining a good working relationship with the police at Force level.

GMNWA is run by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, not by the police (the term ‘Force Level’ just refers to the same geographical area covered by the Force).  Members of the GMNWA are from Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in each of the 10 Local Authority Districts of Greater Manchester.

Police Relationship with Neighbourhood Watch

A strong relationship between Neighbourhood Watch and the police at a local, Force and national level is vital to reduce crime and keep people safe in their communities.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is committed to building and maintaining a positive partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, and supporting and promoting Schemes in order to support of crime reduction and community safety.

Joining or Starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

To join or start a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, contact your Local Policing Team [link required] and/or your local GMNWA Representative, as below:

Local Policing Teams

GNMWA Representative


Andrew Taylor (interim rep)


Andrew Taylor

City of Manchester


Janet Chapman

City of Manchester


Karen Ball


Shirley Holt


Ghulam Shahzad


Gail Bowker


Jan Kitching


Andrew Taylor (interim rep)


Graham Roe


Anita Ruddock

If you become a registered Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, you can then join a network of other volunteer Coordinators from nearby streets and neighbourhoods to share information from your area.

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