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Training Programme for Special Constables

Once appointed you will receive comprehensive training to enable you to carry out your role as a Special Constable.  The training is delivered over a mixture of midweek, evenings and weekend days and is approximately 4-5 months in duration.  The majority of the training is delivered at GMP's main training complex, Sedgley Park Centre in Prestwich.

You will begin your training programme by completing twelve consecutive training days, on either a Saturday or Sunday, covering a wide range of Law, Legislation, Policy and Procedures.  This stage of the training programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will require to perform your role effectively and will cover subjects such as Public Order, Theft, Drug Offences, Confiscation of Alcohol, Domestic Violence plus many more.

On successful completion of the Law training programme you will begin an Officer Safety Training course.  This nine day course trains you how and when to effectively use all your safety equipment, such as your baton, handcuffs and CS Spray.  You will also develop skills in communications techniques and decision making.

In addition to your Law and Officer Safety courses you will receive training in First Aid, Computer Systems and use of the Police Radio.

Once you have completed the training programme you will begin to perform operational duties.  These duties will be in company with an experienced Tutor Constable who will continue your learning and development by assisting you in your new role and helping you put all your training into practice.

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