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A day in the life of a PCSO

Watch PCSO Sabah Ahmed talk about her role as a PCSO


And below, read about a day in the life of PCSO Simon Clements.

I’ve been a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for four and a half years. I used to work in a factory that was closing down and Greater Manchester Police attended my work place to promote the PCSO role.

I am based at West Didsbury police station and I work 36.25hrs a week on a four-week shift rota.

It works like this:

  • Shift 1 - Mon-Fri; days
  • Shift 2 - Mon-Wed, lates (14:00-00:00)
  • Shift 3 - Sat-Mon, days
  • Shift 4 - Thur-Sat, lates (15:00-00:00)
  •  Shift 5 - Wed-Fri (11:00-21:00).
  • On duty at West Didsbury police station, search the police database for crimes that have occurred on my beat and any anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents. Attend our morning team briefing.
  • On hi-viz bicycle patrol in my area, which includes visiting areas where crimes and incidents have occurred, looking out for known offenders that are wanted, stopping any known offenders or anybody acting suspiciously. 
  • Visit resident that is a victim of burglary to offer reassurance and crime prevention advice. Leaflet drop to houses around the victim’s address to inform them that a burglary has occurred in the area. 
  • Lunch
  • Handling a number of crime enquiries that have been tasked by my Sergeant, for example collecting CCTV evidence, house to house. 
  • On patrol responding to any jobs that come over the radio – anything from an abandoned vehicle to suspicious activity. 
  • Return to station half an hour before I am due to finish to update any intelligence on the police database. Book off from duty.
  • Not one day is the same as you could be supporting victims, dealing with ASB, or talking to a group of children at a local school – this is why I love the job so much.
  • But it is worth mentioning that you should be comfortable being able to work alone, and in any kind of weather!



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