The job-related fitness test

The Job Related Fitness Test is designed to test your endurance.

Test 1: Endurance Test (bleep test)

Commonly called the bleep test, you will be asked to keep running between two points which are 15 metres apart. The speed you must run is dictated by a bleep, and the time allowed to run one shuttle will get shorter as the level increases.

You must reach Level 5.4 to pass.

How to Prepare:

  • Start running
  • Run at a fast pace for 10 minutes, rather than a slow pace for 20 minutes.
  • Run at a pace where you find talking whilst running difficult.
  • Each workout - try to improve by a small amount, run that little bit further or that little bit faster.

How often should I train?

To make a real difference you should train for endurance 3 - 4 times a week.


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