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Not in My Honour - the play

The Not In My Honour  play was commissioned by Greater Manchester Police, developed and delivered by Contact, and written by award winning playwright Aisha Zia. Contact is the leading UK arts organisation to place young people at the heart of everything, empowering them through creativity to become leaders in the arts and their communities. The result is a diverse and dynamic public programme of events, festivals and performances, tackling  personal and social issues that directly affect young people’s lives, in this case the issue of honour crime.

Contact's Creative Experts, a team of young leaders and facilitators, alongside Aisha Zia, have worked with talented  young people from local schools, to create the finished text through a process of research, discussion, workshops and test performances. The piece sensitively explores some of the most challenging and difficult issues a young person can face, but is also a positive and uplifting call for tolerance and understanding. The text widens out the issue of honour crime to include gender, identity and young people’s human rights in a way that enables audiences to reflect on the themes and see the resonances with their own lives, whatever their own background or life experience. As with much great theatre, the piece is also a call to action, to engage in the world, to think and act differently, to spread empathy, to be brave. I hope you enjoy reading, watching or performing it. 

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