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Am I at risk of Stalking & Harrassment

If you’re not sure if what is happening to you is stalking then please take some time to look at the questions below:

Q1. Are you very frightened?

Q2. Has the person engaged in harassment before? (Involving you and/or anyone else)

Q3. Has the person ever destroyed or vandalised your property?

Q4. Has the person turned up at work, home, etc more than three times per week?

Q5. Has the person loitered around your home, workplace etc?

Q6. Has the person made any threats of physical or sexual violence?

Q7. Has the person harassed any third party since the harassment began? (e.g friends, family, children, colleagues, partners or neighbours)

Q8. Has the person acted violently towards other people within the current stalking incidents?

Q9. Has the person persuaded other people to help him/her? (Wittingly or unwittingly)

Q10. Is the person known to be abusing drugs and/or alcohol?

Q11. Is the person known to have been violent in the past? (Physical or psychological)

If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, this indicates you should take the situation, and the person’s behaviour towards you, very seriously and contact the police for support and advice.

If you’re frightened by someone’s behaviour towards you and feel you’re in danger, call 999 now.

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