/ GMP welcomes over 100 new recruits

One hundred and thirteen new recruits are being attested into the role of a police officer for Greater Manchester Police today.

It comes as we welcome a range of people into the role of police constable, including the third generation of police officers in one family and former police staff, special constables and military personnel. The new recruits will have experience, talent and a passion for policing communities in Greater Manchester.

The officers, who are currently enjoying their week in the community, will be sworn into their role as part of a formal ceremony at Bolton Town Hall.

They will be joined in the attestation process by three direct entry Inspectors and a direct entry Superintendent. It is the first time the Force has taken direct entry officers.

These new officers, along with nine Police Now recruits, demonstrate how we are opening up opportunities for talented individuals with all sorts of backgrounds and experiences to be part of the organisation and to help strengthen the outstanding workforce we already have.

The ceremony will be witnessed by friends and family. The officers will be affirmed into their roles by Chief Constable Ian Hopkins who will be joined by magistrates Stephen Paine and Peter Rogerson.

During the attestation ceremony the officers will make their oath to uphold their role with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality throughout their time in post.

The new batch of recruits began their training on 9 September and this week (23 October) the student officers will spend some time in the community that they will serve. During this period they will visit community centres, food banks, care homes and mortuaries.

All officers complete a two year probation period, which includes classroom based learning and a year of active patrolling. During this period they have the same role as that of a regular officer, including the power of arrest.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Becoming a police officer is a significant commitment to help keep the communities of Greater Manchester safe. There is no doubt it is a challenging but rewarding role.

“The nature of crime in our society is changing with significant and complex threats becoming more apparent, as we've seen yesterday with the release of the report in relation to tackling modern slavery. At the heart of policing, though, is our link with local people and we are fortunate that we enjoy the support of the vast majority of people across Greater Manchester.

“We are holding tonight's ceremony in a public building in Bolton and for the first time streaming the ceremony live on Facebook to reinforce that link with local people.

“Greater Manchester is recognised as one of the most challenging areas in the country to police. I am delighted this group of talented individuals have chosen to join us in helping to keep Greater Manchester safe.”

These officers will replace those colleagues who are retiring or leaving the service, maintaining the current level of officer numbers within GMP.



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