/ Profile: Police Support Volunteer Colin

Why did you join GMP as a Police Support Volunteer?

The ‘Beat manager’ for our area, at that time, invited me to join the newly formed ranks of volunteers following a chat when I mentioned I needed a change in direction after working as a volunteer for Tameside Victim Support & Witness Service. My interest since leaving HM Forces has been about serving my community however I am able to. This was a golden opportunity for me.

What are the best bits about being a Police Support Volunteer?

Not in any order of priority, so I start with:- A real sense of feeling useful, being recognised as an essential part of the team, a colleague and being of service to the Police Officers and PCSOs wherever possible. One specific area is communicating with various members of the public, specifically those who just need reassurance. That I can continue to help my friends and neighbours of my town where I was born and raised.

How do you balance your work/social life with your responsibilities of being a Police Support Volunteer?

The hours and days that I work fit nicely into place with home life and other commitments.

What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to undertake volunteering for the police?

All of my family were delighted as indeed were my friends. After 9 or 10 years with GMP they remain pleased that ‘Dad’ and ‘Grandad’ can still ‘do his bit’.

Would you recommend this volunteering opportunity to others?

But of course, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend being a PSV. I love my home town and care deeply for its people. I know from my many years’ experience that Police Officers and PCSOs alike cannot always provide the service they would like to give to the public but we as volunteers can help to fill that gap, whether it be by telephone communication or other means. I have found my time working as a PSV very interesting and totally rewarding. I wonder how much better it could have been if I had been able to volunteer years earlier?

 If you are interested in becoming a Police Support Volunteer, please email HR.Recruitment@gmp.police.uk



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