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 The Fast Track programme (police constable to inspector) is an accelerated three-year promotion and development programme and is aimed at opening up entry to the service to graduates, and members of the special constabulary and police staff, who will bring new perspectives and diverse backgrounds to support the continuous development of policing.

Although exciting, intense and varied, being a police officer is not a 9 to 5 job.  It involves unpredictable hours, potentially long shifts and working in situations with high-risk – you will be expected to tackle danger head on while other members of the public turn away.  You will have to justify and account for your actions to make sure you are working ethically, proportionally and to the standards the public expect.

The programme will offer a development programme and promotion mechanism to enable the most talented to advance from the rank of constable to inspector within three years.  The aim is to develop officers with the skills, experience and potential and motivation to reach the senior ranks of the service, to impact on and influence the management and culture of the service.

Who is eligible to apply?

The programme is opening up entry to the service to graduates, and members of the Special Constabulary and police staff.  External candidates must hold a 2:1 degree classification from a recognised UK university or overseas equivalent.  Those graduating in 2015 wishing to apply must have a predicted 2:1 degree classification. 

All applicants for the Fast Track programme must meet the same eligibility criteria required of all other individuals who join the police service, including checks around your financial position, any previous criminal conviction, fitness and membership of political groups. 

For further details regarding the eligibility criteria, please see the Realistic Job Preview document.

How do I apply for the Fast track programme?

The information contained in the Competency Framework and Realistic Job Preview  is designed to supply you with a sound understanding of what is expected from you and what you can expect from the programme.  It is recommended that you take the time to read through these documents prior to applying. 

You are required to complete the self-selection questionnaire prior to applying for the role.  Answering this document honestly will help you to decide whether you are eligible for this role. 
It is recommended that you also complete the High Potential Development Tool before you apply.  If answered honestly, this will help to identify strengths and areas for development, which you will be expected to write about as part of the national application form.

After you have completed the above documents, click here to access the application form.

On receipt of your application, it will be subject to eligibility checking and paper sifting.  If successful at paper sift, you will be invited to attend an interview.

Positive Action

Greater Manchester Police is committed to developing a workforce which is more reflective of the communities it serves.  This programme therefore represents a significant opportunity to encourage candidates from a diverse background to enter a programme that will deliver the police leader of the future. To support this, information events for prospective external candidates from under-represented groups and internal candidates have been scheduled.

For more information about the Fast Track programme please look at the frequently asked questions or visit http://www.leadbeyond.police.uk/

Privacy Statement

Please find a link to our privacy agreement as referenced in the national application form.

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