/ Hundreds get involved in our consultation

More than 1,000 people have so far made their views on the future of policing in Greater Manchester known.

The Citizen’s Contract consultation was launched in February and in just three weeks hundreds of people have taken up the opportunity to help shape policing in the next few years. It is part of a significant initiative that GMP is running to reach out to communities across Greater Manchester.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “It is great to know that hundreds of people have been interested enough to get involved in the consultation. I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to make their views known.

“All the information that we collect will be used to develop the Citizen’s Contract which will outline what people can expect from GMP but also what we need from residents. Meetings are taking place across Greater Manchester but there is still a chance to get involved either by going along to learn more or visiting our website.”

GMP has an ambitious programme of change in place to manage the impact of the £44m savings that need to be made by 2020. This is a chance for local people to find out about the work that is underway and share their views.

Details of how to get involved in the consultation are available on the GMP website at www.gmp.police.uk

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