/ Man jailed after massive weapons haul discovery

Paul Gribbin

Paul Gribbin

A man is beginning a 13-year jail term after a large stash of firearms and ammunition were found in his Salford house.

Paul Gribbin (born 31/12/1970), of Lascar Avenue, Salford, pleaded guilty to nine offences of possession of a prohibited weapon.

He was today, at Manchester Crow Court, Crown Square, sentenced to 13 years in total, six-and-a-half years each for possession of an assault rifle and the seven offences of possession of prohibited weapons and three years for possession of a Ruger rifle, to run concurrently.

On Friday 22 February 2013, police in Salford, assisted by the Project Gulf team, carried out a drugs warrant at an address on Lascar Avenue, Ordsall.

During a search of the property, nine firearms were recovered, including pistols and rifles.

During a comprehensive search of the house a number of items were recovered from a cupboard under the stairs. These included a self-loading handgun, a sawn-off shotgun, a semi-automatic handgun with silencer, a rifle, a pump action shotgun, a Ruger .22 rifle, a Glock handgun and a military-issue light support weapon.

An array of ammunition was also found including magazines and a range of bullets.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Downey, based at Swinton CID, said: "Gribbin's hoard was an astonishing array of weaponry the likes of which we rarely see.

"We might never know the full story behind how Gribbins came to have such a stash of guns, but we all know these weapons have two primary aims - to threaten or kill.

"Today's sentence hands out the strongest possible message - if you harbour illegal guns, in whatever guise, and we find out, you are guaranteed to be sent to jail for a significant portion of your life."

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