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Family tribute to a son who was in a fatal collision

The family of Salih Mehmed who was killed in a fatal collision in Rochdale have paid tribute to him:

“The day of 13th December 2016 Our Son Salih Mehmed lost his life due to being a passenger in a car that was driven by a reckless driver, He took away the most important thing in our lives – our child. A child which you created with love and looked after for 25 years, a child which you taught to love, to respect, to appreciate and to help other people.

“Losing a child is a pain that is incomparable to any other it doesn’t have an end or solace. It is a pain that grows every day. With the death of our son, our smiles, our happiness, our past and future, were taken away.

“His birthday is closing in – the 9th of May, Salih was going to be 27 years old. We dreamed how he was going to marry and how we were going to become grandparents, but all of these dreams were taken away.

“It is hard to say “good morning” and “good night” to his pictures hanging on the walls, to speak with them and receive no answer, to touch his things and not be able to feel his warmth. It is with pain that we visit his grave and kiss the cold gravestone. No parent should ever have to experience this, because there isn’t anything worse.

“He went to England with such huge hopes, although his parting with us was difficult. He didn’t think only about himself, he wanted his brother to also go there and study. He helped his friend find a job, who went there only 2 months before the tragedy. They both worked together. It is not a secret that life in our country is hard. The standard of living is much lower than any other European country.

We never have enjoyed other people’s suffering, because we were taught to be sympathetic and that is what we taught our children.

“We don’t know how many years should the sentence be, for the driver that took the life of our son with his dangerous driving, but we are sure that it will be well deserved, because we believe in the English judicial system. It will not ease our pain or will it grant us relief, but we believe that it will be an example for the other reckless drivers who drive dangerously and carry responsibility for the passengers and pedestrians on the road. Let it be that there aren’t other families like ours, who suffer and live with and unending grief.

“We want to thank his friends, acquaintances and colleagues who helped us in the hardest moment of our lives.

“We also want to thank the Manchester police who collected the facts and proof about the accident, especially Nicola Greenhalgh our Family Liaison who was always there for us. We also want to send our thanks to the Crown Prosecution Services and the prosecutor from CPS - Robert Hall who presented the facts in such a decisive way and who also informed us about every aspect of the court.”

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