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Greater Manchester Police honours staff at STARS awards

Shining stars from Greater Manchester Police were recognised at an awards ceremony hosted by the Chief Constable.

The force’s STARS awards honour brave officers, volunteers, investigative teams and police staff who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the past year.

Awards were presented to officers, apprentices, Police Community Support Officers and volunteers at Gorton Monastery on Friday 5th October 2018.


The awards were presented for different including Service, Teamwork, Action, Respect and Safety and there were also a series of Special Recognition awards.

Under the Service heading, staff were honoured for their Service to Customers and Service to GMP and under Safety staff received awards for Safety, Bravery and First Aid.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins opened proceedings at the event and paid tribute to all GMP police staff from the force’s different divisions.

He said: “Over the past 12 months our police officers and staff have once again excelled and these awards are testament to the wonderful work that they do day in day out.

“The STARS awards are a fantastic celebration of achievement and a way of showing appreciation for the amazing work that they do.

“The public motivation score was extremely high in our recent staff survey, which shows how highly motivated GMP colleagues are to deliver public service, and the award nominations we received from across the force reflect that.”

Under the teamwork category, there were awards for Teamwork and Neighbourhood Policing and Investigative Excellence and Innovation/Best Practice prizes were presented for Action.

There were also Diversity in Action and Awareness and Support awards under the Respect heading.

Some of the individuals recognised included Sergeant Philip Lowe who has developed a cohesive strategy to successfully deal with youth disorder in Stockport and Customer Enquiry Unit Supervisor Joanne Taylor who has transformed the unit and service for the public in just 12 months.

PC James Booth from the Wigan borough landed the Service by Student Officers award for his dedication to learning and development and the excellent role model he has become for new students.

Meanwhile, shining examples of teamwork included Ordsall and Langworthy’s Neighbourhood Team in Salford.

The team have taken giant strides to tackle anti-social behaviour in Langworthy, by working closely with partner agencies and they have also secured over £15k of funding to help tackle this behaviour.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins added: “Congratulations to all the officers, staff and volunteers that were nominated for awards and the standard was higher than ever this year.

“I’d like to say a big thanks to all the sponsors who are funding the awards, as without their support we couldn’t stage this event, and to Michelle Livesey from Hits Radio, who is giving her time to compere the event for us.

“All of our winners have shown a huge amount of professionalism and a dedication to the people of Greater Manchester and have done the force proud.”

The full list of winners revealed on the evening is listed here:

Service - Officer

PS Phil Lowe (Stockport)- for developing a strategy to successfully deal with and reduce youth disorder in Stockport.

Service- Staff

Joanne Taylor (Operational Communications Branch) – for reforming the Customer Enquiry Unit.

Service- Apprentice

Crystal Davies (Local policing) – for leading on a number of projects with the Citizens in Policing team.

Service-Student Officer

PC James Booth (Wigan) – for acting as a role model for fellow students and being selected as a tutor constable.

Service- Volunteer

Special Chief Inspector Dean Cullen (Stockport) – for increasing the morale of special officers in Stockport in addition to his day job as a Deputy Head Teacher

Service - Police Community Support Officer

PCSO Hollie Bowker - for working closely with partners to co-ordinate many successful Emergency Services days and reducing anti-social behaviour.


Student Officer Assessors OLWD – for developing a training framework to educate and nurture new officers to the force.


Forensic Laboratory Unit SCD – for delivering an exceptional level of service to the force and providing pivotal evidence in many investigations.


Ordsall & Langworthy Neighbourhood Team (Salford) – for working proactively with partner agencies, local residents and businesses to tackle anti-social behaviour.


Livechat (Corporate Communications & OCB) – for collaboration between the digital team and the OCB to create a real time system allowing the public to contact GMP online for advice..


Donna Crowther (Local Resolution Officer, Rochdale) – for her fundraising efforts to help members of the Rochdale community.


C-Team (City of Manchester) – for responding to reports of a man with a kitchen knife threatening member s of the public with a Samurai sword.

Chief Constable’s Special Recognition Awards

Chaplain Services for being a confidential listening ear for all staff across the force.

Special Constabulary – for providing constant support and volunteering their time to work alongside regular colleagues.

Sir John Zochonis Award – Cadet 2018

Cadet James Finerty (City of Manchester) – for being an outstanding cadet and an excellent role model to other cadets.

Sir John Zochonis Award – Cadet Leader 2018

Cadet Leader Jo Green (Stockport Voluntary Police Cadets Team)- for her inspirational leadership and frequently going above and beyond what is required.

Sir John Zochonis Award – Cadet Team 2018

Stockport Voluntary Police Cadets – for their superb work in the local community on crime prevention and contribution to emergency services days.

The Karin Mulligan Award for Diversity in Action 2018

Positive Action Team , Human Resources – for drastically improving the recruitment of BAME officers to GMP and receiving national recognition for their work

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