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A man has been jailed after he stabbed a woman to death

A man has been jailed after stabbing his ex-partner to death in her own home in Heywood. 

Earlier today, Wednesday 7 February 2018, Glen Gibbons (16/03/1966) of Bingley Square, Rochdale pleaded guilty to the murder of Linda Parker and was sentenced at Manchester Crown Square to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum of 22 years. 

The court heard how on Monday 25 September 2017, Linda had travelled by bus from Heywood to Rochdale and as she got off the bus, Gibbons approached her and began shouting at her in the street.  

Linda then travelled to her mother’s house by taxi and told her that she intended to get a restraining order against Gibbons due to his threatening behaviour.  

In the meantime Gibbons went to a shop in Heywood where he bought a chisel and a large knife, which he would then use to break into her house and stab her. 

Later that day Linda returned home to Atholl Drive to collect her dog and planned to return to her mother’s house. 

As she entered her home, Linda found Gibbons armed with the knife he had bought earlier.  

Gibbons proceeded to stab her 12 times in the neck and chest.  

He then fled the scene after posting Linda’s keys through the letterbox.  

Gibbons later confessed to what he had done to his mother and sister before handing himself in at Rochdale Police Station. 

Senior Investigating Officer Duncan Thorpe, of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “Glen Gibbons terrified Linda, he became more and more threatening towards her before killing her in the most savage way. 

“My thoughts will always be with Linda’s family, the pain that they have had to endure since the day of Linda’s death is truly heart-breaking.  

“My only hope is that they can find some comfort in knowing that Gibbons is exactly where he should be, locked away behind bars.”

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