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Thai boxing instructor jailed for sex offences

A Thai boxing instructor who used his position to assault and abuse young girls has been jailed.


Peter Feeley (21/07/1961) of Spring Gardens, Middleton has been jailed at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for six years after pleading guilty to child abduction, four counts of sexual activity with a child and three counts of indecent assault.


On Sunday 14 May 2017, police received a report that a teenage girl was missing from home. She was found safe and well a short time later and Feeley was arrested in connection with the investigation.


Analysis of his mobile phone uncovered he had groomed the teenager, who he referred to as his ‘young wife’ for a long period of time and sexually assaulted her on at least four occasions, during one of which he wore a t-shirt with ‘Don’t forget to smile’ written on it, which was later seized for evidence.


While the investigation into Feeley’s actions was well underway, police received a further report that he had sexually abused another person in 2012.


The investigation into the reports revealed that he regularly invited his young victims to the gym he owned for sleepovers and would often buy them alcohol before sexually abusing them.


Detective Constable Hannah Greetham of GMP’s Rochdale Borough, said: “Feeley wrongfully used his position to exploit young girls to satisfy his appetite for depravity.


“There is no excuse for the devastating abuse he has mercilessly inflicted on these young girls’ lives, who have been so brave in reporting his cruelty.


“No-one should be subjected to sexual abuse and I want to send a message to people who have become victims of sexual offences - you do not have to live alone with this. It’s never too late to make a report and there is always support available to you and we will do everything in our power to bring people like Feeley in front of a judge.”


Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.

- If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police, or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

- You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515, whether or not you want make a police report.

- St Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them via Greater Manchester Police, or as a self-referral.

- Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential support service run by women for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused. Confidential helpline: 0161 273 4500.

- Survivors Manchester offers support and counselling for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of when the event happened. Contact 07919 246 267.

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