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Three Junior Detectives are set to ‘Look for the Crook'

Three special Junior Detectives are helping to ‘Look for the Crook’ throughout the festive season, while sharing hints and tips on how to have a safe and happy Christmas.

Junior Detectives Crystal (7), Harry (6) and Andrea (7) from St Edmund’s Primary School in Miles Platting have been on the lookout for the Crook who is on the loose over the festive season and causing mischief.

GMP has created four episodes of ‘Look for the Crook’ which shows the detectives hunting down their culprit. The Crook will be out and about across Greater Manchester carrying out various criminal activities, while the Detectives will use their skills to find him and make sure he is taken away and can’t cause more trouble.

The videos will be shared throughout December, the first one being posted today on social media and on GMP’s website.

Chief Inspector Gareth Parkin says: “There is so much to think about throughout the festive season that sometimes we forgot the simplest things, such as setting the house alarm when we are out or using a light timer so it looks like someone is home even when they aren’t.

“It’s the same when people are out celebrating, some people get swept up in the festivities and before they know it, they can’t call a taxi as their mobile phone is out of battery or they may think they are okay to drive home. Even the smallest amount of drugs and alcohol can impair your ability to drive, which is why the safest amount to have is none.

“These videos are a fun way of getting our important messages across and reminds people to think ahead and remember that their actions have consequences.

“GMP will be continue to work hard throughout the festive season to help protect the people of Greater Manchester. We hope people enjoy these videos, the children were fantastic Junior Detectives.”

GMP’s videos focus on four risk areas for over the Christmas period including:

  • Drunk and disorderly
  • Drink driving
  • Burglary
  • Online security







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