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Family tribute to Liz Merriman

The family of a woman who was murdered in Rochdale has paid tribute to her.

Shortly after 11.35pm on Sunday 22 October 2017, police were called to an address on Birch Crescent in Newhey to reports that the body of a woman had been found.

Officers attended and sadly found the body of Liz Merriman, who was due to celebrate her 40th birthday later this month.

Paying tribute to her, Liz’s family said: “Liz was funny, kind, caring and loyal. She was full of fun and had a laugh that once heard, was never forgotten. Liz was beautiful on the inside and outside. She loved life and doted on her three boys, and they on her.

“She was always ready to help others and was extremely hard working. Her work with children in care was rewarding, and she was looking forward to the opening of a new service and her role there as deputy manager.

“She was a very special person and will be greatly missed by family and friends alike, who all love her dearly.”

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