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GMP help to give a special girl an extra special gift

Four year old Daisy from Wigan was diagnosed at birth with an incredibly rare chromosome disorder called Pallister Killian Syndrome. Daisy is one of only 300 people formally diagnosed with the condition, making her one in 25 million.

She has been into theatre more than 20 times for various issues with more to follow in the future. Daisy always takes one of her favourite toys along to her many medical appointments and that’s her small toy police car.

This special little girl really did deserve a fantastic Christmas and we were able to help her this year with an extra special and unique surprise. Her parents contacted us and asked whether we could help with one of her presents as they had bought her an electric toy ride-on car.

We were able to have bespoke GMP branding created which we fitted to make Daisy her very own police car complete with reflective stickers, flashing blue lights and a version of the GMP logo created just for Daisy.

About the car, Daisy’s father Steven said: “We are really pleased that GMP were able to help with this surprise for Daisy, you can see how much she loves it.

“She has been through so much and at the moment we are busy preparing for school in September which is a challenge as she’s non-verbal and can’t eat anything with any consistency or texture, she is still bottle fed.

“She’s a tough little girl and does so well, and I am delighted we were able to give her this gift that she loves. In fact she loves it so much that she even pulled over another little girl in her electric toy car on Christmas morning in the street.”




















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