Young horse riders enjoy VIP visit to GMP Mounted Unit

Two young horse riders who had abuse hurled at them by a driving instructor as they rode through Wigan were given a special treat by GMP’s Mounted Unit today.

Fourteen year old Megan Lockett and 12 year old Callum Mullock, both from Wigan, were riding their horses along Beech Hill in Wigan on Friday 31st March, when a driving instructor stopped his car and verbally abused them for riding their horses on the road.

Megan, who has been riding for 11 years and Callum, who has been riding for many years, were taking their horses, Bruno and Picasso back to their stables.

The driving instructor started shouting at Megan and Callum about how they shouldn’t be on the road and that it’s illegal.

Megan and Callum quickly tried to teach him the rules of the road and said if he needed to check, he should call the police.

Megan was concerned by how angry the man was getting and decided to film the driving instructor on her phone. The incident left Megan and Callum shaken and apprehensive about riding their horses in that area again.

Chief Inspector Tariq Butt said: “It’s worrying that a driving instructor is behaving in this way and also getting the rules of the road incorrect. I know the driving school he has a franchise with are investigating the matter.

“It can be a very scary and intimidating place riding a horse or pony on a road but they have every right to be there and to be treated with equal respect by other road users. That’s why I wanted to invite them to visit our Mounted Unit, see behind the scenes, meet our horses and spend some time with us. We are really looking forward to their visit.”

Megan’s Mum said: “I was very shocked when Megan showed me the video, they were enjoying their time with their horses and the next minute this, it’s just not acceptable.

“It’s a shame because it’s made them worried about going out in that area again but I am sure this visit will help.”




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