/ New officers introduced to their local communities

Our latest recruits have swapped the classroom for the community.

On Monday 14 August, 98 student officers, who are the newest recruits to join the force, began their week-long induction in the area they will police.

As part of Greater Manchester Police’s recruitment process the officers have been visiting areas they will become a part of.

The officers who started their training on Thursday 31 July will during their training week visit community centres, religious establishments, support services, local mortuaries and take part in some volunteering opportunities.

The recruits will complete a two year probation period, which includes classroom based learning and a year of active patrolling. During training officers have the same role as that of a regular officer, including the power of arrest.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins for Greater Manchester Police, said: “Our communities are our heart which is why it’s so important or our new recruits to understand their local areas and become a part of them.

“The areas across this region are filled with diverse representatives from all walks of life, which make this week a great opportunity to also learn from more experienced colleagues who are already established within these areas.”

In addition to the community week the student officers will complete a 1,000 word assignment about the area they will be policing. The project will see them identify a community issue or problem and highlight what work is being carried out to address the issue.

For more information about our recruitment program please visit: www.gmp.police.uk/recruitment. http://www.gmp.police.uk/recruitment

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