/ Statement at the start of IICSA public inquiry

Assistant Chief Constable Debbie Ford said: “The scope of this Inquiry will include whether children suffered abuse at a number of institutions in Rochdale, including Cambridge House and Knowl View, over a number of years. It will also examine whether agencies were aware of the abuse and, if so, whether there were efforts to cover up the abuse.

“We welcome the fact that these difficult and complex matters will now be fully scrutinised in public and will continue to provide ongoing assistance to the Inquiry.

“As the Inquiry is now underway we cannot comment in any more detail at this time. However, once the Inquiry is complete and the findings have been made public we will of course be able to comment further.

“I would finally like to remind everyone that we put vulnerable people and victims of sexual abuse at the very heart of everything we do and I would encourage anyone to come forward and speak to us if you have been abused, no matter when and where it happened.”



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