/ Daksha Lad

Daksha  is a GMP Call Handler and the first point of contact offering immediate emergency telephone support to the diverse communities of Greater Manchester.

She gets involved in live incidents and when an offender is caught she finds her job very satisfying and is proud to be part of a team that keeps Greater Manchester safe.

Every call is different. Daksha's duties include;

  • Answering  999 emergency calls and 101 non emergency calls, acknowledging that each caller is different.

  • Obtaining relevant and specific information from the caller, and then deciding the correct response required.

  • Keeping the caller calm so that they can provide all of the important facts about the incident and providing reassurance, advice and support to the caller.

We are seeking candidates with   the  ability to remain calm and make decisions often in difficult and stressful situations, communicate in a clear and concise manner, and ideally have experience in a customer service.

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