/ Greater Manchester Police vehicles through the ages.

1. Police Horse Ambulance

It is little remembered today but the Manchester City Police provided the area with an ambulance service right up until 1948. These proud officers and one of the force's ambulances were photographed as part of a series of images of the force at work in around 1910.

2. First Police Car

The first car in police use on the region's roads. The vehicle, possibly bought second-hand, appeared in Bolton in the 1925. It is seen here driven by Bolton Borough Police's PC Norris.

3. Manchester City Police Alvis Patrol Car

A Manchester City Police Alvis patrol car is photographed along with a motorcycle and sidecar in 1930s. Behind the vehicles, an officer in a white coat - for high visibility - stands outside a classic police box. The officers appear to be about to take part in a combined traffic operation. The location is Ardwick Green on the edge of the city centre.

4. Panda Patrol Car 1960s

Manchester City Police Ford Cortina patrol car from the 1960s.

These vehicles famously became known as 'Panda Cars' to the general public. The term comes from the fact that early version of this type of vehicle were painted black and white.

The term Panda is still used by many to describe small police patrol cars.

5. Triumph TR4 Police Patrol Cars

Manchester City Police Triumph TR4 patrol cars in the yard of Longsight Police Station in the mid 1960s.

6. Salford Hillman Minx Patrol Cars

Salford City Police officers proudly display their Hillman Minx patrol cars in the rear yard of their headquarters building in central Salford around 1960. The Crescent Police Station, dating from the early 1900, continued as the headquarters of Greater Manchester Police’s Salford Division after amalgamation in 1974 finally closing its doors in recent times.

7. Mobile Incident Unit Morris Van and Trailer

Manchester City Police mobile incident unit of the 1950s or early 1960s consisting of a Morris van and trailer.

8. Classic Jaguar

The Sixties were in full swing on the day two Manchester City Police officers went on patrol in South Manchester in one of the most iconic police cars of the day, the Mark 2 Jaguar.

9. The Fleet

Manchester City Police officers pose proudly with some of the force’s vehicles outside Platt Hall in the city’s Platt Fields Park around 1961.

10. Early Motorway Patrol

An experimental motorway patrol involving forces from the Manchester area in 1964. The helicopter, which was on loan from British European Airways, was used for monitoring traffic flow on the motorway.

11. 1960s Velocette Rider

A Manchester City Police officer using his police radio equipment in the early 1960s. The officer rides one of the classic British police motorcycles of the era, the Velocette LE. The model, nicknamed the Noddy Bike, was hugely popular with police forces across the country in the 1950s and 1960s.

12. Zephyr and MGA

Lancashire Constabulary police cars of the early 1960s. At this time much of what is now the Greater Manchester Police’s area was part of region covered by Lancashire Constabulary. Shown in the recently introduced all white livery is a Ford Zephyr Farnham estate vehicle and an MGA sports car.

13. Manchester and Salford Incident Unit

Manchester and Salford Police mobile incident unit, c.1968. This short-lived force existed between 1968 and 1974.

14. Range Rover on patrol

A Greater Manchester Police Range Rover patrols the M62 motorway during the late 1970s.

Today the Force patrols 450 km of the region's motorways.

15. Ford Mk 1 Transit Van 1975

A Greater Manchester Police Ford Mk 1 Transit van from 1975, the year after the Force came in to being. This example was used as a traffic incident vehicle. This model, in production between 1965 and 1978, was a stalwart of many police fleets.

16. Airport Mini

A Greater Manchester Police officer and one of the Force's Austin Mini cars alongside a Laker Skytrain aircraft at Manchester International Airport in 1970s. This image was taken just after Greater Manchester Police took over responsibility for policing the airport, which had previously had its own force. Many airport officers joined GMP and continued to work their unusual beat.

17. Range Rovers at Birch Motorway Post

Greater Manchester Police Range Rovers at the Force's motorway patrol post at Birch Services on the M62 near Rochdale during the early 1980s.

18. 1980s Incident Unit

One of Greater Manchester Police’s mobile incident units of the late 1980s.

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