/ Man jailed after beating a man to death in Moston

A man has been jailed after pouring bleach down a man’s throat and beating him to death in Moston.

Earlier today, Tuesday 6 February 2018, Miroslav Kolman (24/12/1981) of Kenyon Lane, Moston was sentenced at Manchester Crown Square to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum term of 35 years after being found guilty of the murder of Jiri Ulman.  

The court heard how Kolman - supposed friend of Jiri - invited him inside a property a few doors down from his house on Sunday 6 August 2017.

Once inside, Jiri was subjected to a brutal beating and as he lay on the floor, Kolman poured bleach down his throat.

He then set about looking for a car that he could use to move Jiri’s body and after failing to start a broken down van, he found a Vauxhall Vectra which he drove to Ten Acres Lane.

Here, Kolman dumped Jiri’s body in woodland – an area where he had previously visited to discard old car tyres – and drove back home.

Jiri’s body was found two days later with head and chest injuries and a tyre around his head. 

As Kolman was sentenced, Judge Stockdale commented on the sadistic nature of this murder and the attempt to dispose of Jiri’s body.

Detective Chief Inspector Lewis Hughes, of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “The attack that Kolman inflicted on Jiri was truly horrific and resulted in tragic circumstances.

“Kolman murdered a vulnerable member of the community who was described by many as a nice and gentle man.

“He then tried to cover his tracks and hoped he’d get away with it, but he is now very much where he deserves to be – locked away behind bars with a long time to reflect on his heinous actions.”

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