/ Meet our new Special Constables

Natalie Birkett is a forensic social worker and approved mental health professional by day and now she is one of our latest recruits to join as a special constable.

The 36-year old qualified as a social worker nine years ago. She specialises in mental health and meets social care needs within the prison service.

As part of her role at HMP Liverpool she carries out social care assessments and therapeutic one to one sessions for prisoners.

She said: “My role is diverse and comes with its own complexities, which is why I’m hopeful that the skills and experience I have obtained will be transferable albeit I know that this role will come with its own challenges.

“I’m now hoping that as a special constable I will be able to support, protect and safeguard some of the most vulnerable members of the community.”

Natalie was attested into her role as a special constable on Tuesday 19 June.

Special constables volunteer their own time to support police forces in performing their duty to protect the public.


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