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Motorists in Bury urged to remove valuables from cars
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Police are reminding motorists to remove all valuable items and lock their cars following another spate of vehicle crimes across Bury.

During the 12-week period before 6 July 2012, 39 cars were broken into overnight on driveways and streets, and 60 per cent of these had been left unlocked.

Items stolen included sat navs, ipods and tools.

Crime Reduction Specialist Gaynor Mason said: “Thieves are out every night looking for an opportunity to steal, and if you leave anything of value in your vehicle, no matter how small, they will take it. If you don’t want car thieves sitting on your seats and rifling through your glove box, then you must make sure you remove anything of value.”

Motorists can reduce the chances of becoming victims of car crime by parking in secure or well-lit areas wherever possible. They should also close all windows, use a steering lock and remove all valuables, especially sat navs and their mounting cradles. All doors should be locked and the immobiliser activated if you have one.

It is a good idea to register valuables at www.immobilise.com and to security mark them with your postcode and house number or vehicle registration number. Motorists should also keep a record of the make, model and serial number of such items. Finally, car keys should be kept hidden at home and away from doors and windows to prevent hook-and-cane thefts.

If you spot anything suspicious or see anybody looking into cars, please call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.