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Company director ordered to pay back cash
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A former managing director who stole £390,000 by creating bogus invoices has today been ordered to pay back nearly half a million pounds.

On 1 July 2011, Colin Fell, born 17/08/1956, of Knowsley Drive, Leigh, was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square, to four-and-half years imprisonment after pleading guilty to stealing over £390,000 from his employers.

Fell, a former managing director of Norpe UK Limited, based in Stockport, stole the money by raising bogus invoices for none existent work and then diverting company payments to his own fake businesses.

On Wednesday 18 July 2012, at Liverpool Crown Court, Fell was ordered to pay back £410,092.29 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

This amount took into account the loss of revenue for the company on the stolen proceeds.

Fell will serve an additional sentence of four years imprisonment if he fails to pay within six months.

Ian Horrocks, Financial Investigator with GMP⿿s Financial Investigation Unit, said: ⿿Wherever possible, we will use confiscation legislation to the full to ensure that criminal⿿s assets are identified and victims are paid back from those proceeds.

"Fell helped himself to thousands of pounds by deceiving the system. He lived a life of luxury as a result and, meanwhile, other ordinary people trying to make a living were left jobless as the firm went through stringent cost-cutting measures to off-set the missing money.

"Fell has now lost the wealth he made off the backs of the company that employed him.

"Today's result once again demonstrates that we will not stop until criminals have paid back their debt to society and their victims - in this case the company."