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Man sentenced for robbery
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A man has been jailed after threatening to stab a taxi driver in Stretford.

Luke Ellison (04/12/1993) of Derbyshire Avenue, Stretford was found guilty of robbery at an earlier hearing and sentenced to three and a half years today, Friday 13 July 2012, at Minshull Street Crown Court.

On Wednesday 9 February 2011, Ellison ordered a taxi to pick him up from Derbyshire Avenue and told the driver to take him to a house on Gatley Avenue, Sale.

Once they had reached their location, Ellison threatened the driver with a knife and demanded he handed over money. £50 was taken and Ellison left.

The driver was not hurt.

Detective Constable Helen Jackson based at Stretford Police Station said: “Ellison threatened to stab his victim and fearing for his life, handed over the money he had on him. The man was not hurt but he has been left with mental scars of his ordeal.

“Thankfully, an arrest was made and he has been punished for the crime he committed. All reports of robbery are investigated thoroughly and offenders will be caught and brought to justice, with a hope to bringing necessary closure to the victims of such terrifying crimes."