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Message from Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy
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It has been very busy period for Greater Manchester Police and I have to praise the staff for all their hard work. Since April 1 there have been a number of major events and serious incidents including 14 recorded murders, the Olympic torch relay, the Shaw gas explosion as well as a number of major concerts and high profile trials.

There has been a lot of publicity about the impact of budget cuts and there is no question that staff are concerned about this and the impact of changes to pay and pensions. But they have not allowed this to affect their dedication and commitment to you the people of Greater Manchester.

We have been very stretched at times with the number of serious investigations with officers and staff working long hours to get investigations progressed to the point where we can charge offenders. I am confident that all the investigations will be brought to a successful conclusion. We have not, and will not, let day-to-day policing suffer.
Overall crime is down by 12 per cent when compared to the previous year and the number of murders has to be seen in the context of a long term decline in the number of homicides in Greater Manchester.

It goes without saying that each one of these is a traumatic and violent incident which destroys the lives of loved ones. Recent murders appear to have been committed by people known to the victim including within families. Even when these crimes are quickly detected there are complex investigations to be carried out to ensure all the forensic, witness and other evidence is captured.

I am grateful for the tremendous work of our officers and other staff and all the support we continue to have from the public.

Sir Peter Fahy
Chief Constable