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Nuisance calls
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Nuisance telephone calls are much less frequent than they used to be. But if you're unlucky enough to receive a problem caller, you can apply a few simple rules to stop them:

  • Never react, argue or get involved in a conversation. Most offenders make the call to get any kind of reaction – so don’t give them satisfaction.
  • If it’s a nuisance call, just put the handset down near the phone and walk away. After about ten minutes return to the phone and replace the handset. Don’t even check to see if the caller is there.
  • Don’t try to blow a whistle down the phone – you’ll only give the caller the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve got a reaction.
  • If the caller rings back immediately, don’t say anything when you pick the receiver up. A genuine caller would always say something first.
  • Never give your name and number when you answer a call. Simply say “hello.”
  • If it’s a wrong number never give the caller your name or telephone number. Ask the caller what number they want and then confirm if they have it wrong.
  • If your child answers the phone, make sure they never tell the caller their details.
  • Don’t put ‘Miss’ in the phone book if you’re a single female. You should also consider going ex-directory.

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