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Laptop joy for elderly couple
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An elderly couple who fell victim to a distraction burglary have paid their thanks after police, Wiltshire Farm Foods and PC World gave them a laptop.

On 27 July 2012 at approximately 11.37am, the couple aged 82 and 87-years-old, from Samuel Street, Castleton had £800 stolen from them by a burglar posing to be from a food delivery company.

Just moments after the couple had had their food delivered by Wiltshire Foods, a man knocked on the door claiming to be from the same company and asked if he could check their shopping as he thought there might be a mistake.

Thinking nothing of it, the couple let the man inside of the property and started to check through their delivery.

The man then said he needed to call the company and went upstairs to get a signal. Moments later he returned downstairs saying that everything was ok and left the property.

The elderly gentleman felt that something wasn’t right and went upstairs. He found his bedside cabinet was open and his wallet containing £800 had gone.

The offender is described as being a man, white, in his 40s, 6ft tall with thinning hair and was wearing dark clothing.

As part of her role as a neighbourhood officer, PC Michelle Farmer paid a visit to the elderly couple and was distraught to hear of the trauma they had experienced.

PC Michelle Farmer said: “This was an absolutely despicable incident. Burglary is awful at the best of times but this appears to be a calculated attack whereby the man has specifically targeted vulnerable residents and took advantage of their trusting nature by stealing from them.

“The couple were saving their money for a laptop and it would have taken them some time to do it again and after hearing of their trauma, I just wanted to help in any way that I could.

“I’m so grateful to Wiltshire Farm Foods and PC World. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to raise enough funds to buy a laptop for the couple which was presented to their daughter.”

Katrina Sartini, daughter of the elderly couple said: “I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone involved. Their kindness has made this terrible situation that little bit easier for my parents.”

Anybody with information should contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.