Priorities for Baguley

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Last updated: 10/10/2017

What: Youths causing annoyance

Where: On the tram network, Royal Oak shops and the nearby MacDonald's

When: Everyday

Update: Offenders have already been identified and we are working with the local housing group to stop this behaviour.

Last updated: 16/02/2017

What: Off road bikes

Where: Across the ward

When: Throughout the day; early evening.

Update: We are looking into reports of Off Road bikes to identify the riders and seize the bikes from them. We have made a number of seizures already.
Last updated: 16/02/2017

What: Burglary Dwelling

Where: Across the area.

When: Various times throughout the day.

Update: The team have recently been focusing on burglaries in the Baguley area, which has resulted in a marked decrease in the offence and the arrest of a number of offenders.

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