Priorities for Lower Cheetham

Below is a full list of priorities for your community:

Last updated: 04/05/2017

What: Mini-motos being driven around the area to the annoyance of residents.

Where: Blendworth Close and Spur Walk

When: Every evening between 4pm and 11pm. Weekends at all times

Update: Regular patrols and details taken off offenders with a view to seizing vehicles.

Last updated: 04/05/2017

What: Personal robberies at and around tram stop

Where: Abraham Moss tram stop

When: Monday to Friday between 5pm and 8pm

Update: Regular patrols and a joint operation planned with Metrolink to identify those involved.
Last updated: 27/06/2016

What: Prostitution problem around the strangeways area

Where: Bent street, Camberwell street

When: Every Day

Update: PCSOs move the prostitutes on on a regular basis, kerb crawlers registrations are logged and warnings/fines are sent through the post
Last updated: 27/06/2016

What: Vehicle Crime

Where: Strangeways

When: 3pm-6pm Everyday

Update: Patrols have been increased and Operations are taking place to catch the criminals in the act
Last updated: 27/06/2016

What: Anti-Social Behaviour

Where: Youths gathering and smoking in residents gardens and walls

When: 18:00-Midnight

Update: Patrols regulary move the youths on and we are working with Partner agencies to tackle this issue

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