Priorities for Barton

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Last updated: 21/11/2017

What: Antisocial behaviour consists of youths knocking on doors in the area and running off, being noisy within the park and intimidating local residents.

Where: Around the School Road area and Ederson Road leading to Barton Road.

When: Occurring during the hours of 1700-2100 over the weekend, however, recent reports suggest that the antisocial behaviour is also occurring during the week.

Update: PCSOs undertaking hi-vis patrolling in the area and visiting local schools.

Last updated: 21/11/2017

What: Theft of motorcycles and scooters

Where: Barton, Patricroft and Peel Green.

When: Taken overnight and early hours of the morning.

Update: Ongoing work taking place with partner agencies looking at prevalence of the thefts and giving advice on prevention.

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