Priorities for Cadishead

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Last updated: 16/10/2017

What: Issues with Youths causing annoyance in Cadishead Park and Bobs Lane

Where: Cadishead Park and Bobs Lane

When: Most evenings

Update: Extra patrols have been added to this area and we continue to liaise with residents regarding use of CCTV in attempt to try and identify the offenders

Last updated: 16/10/2017

What: Issues with Off Road Bikes

Where: Across the community.

When: Evenings and weekends

Update: Road Traffic Police have been made aware and the Neighbourhood team have been collating intelligence to identify and deal with offenders. Several Section 59 Warnings (2002 Police Reform Act) have been issued with 4 illegal bikes seized and crushed within the last month.
Last updated: 16/10/2017

What: Youths throwing stones at vehicles and pedestrians from disused rail bridge

Where: Blue bridge over Liverpool Road (near to junction with Atherton Lane), Cadishead

When: No set pattern, can be anytime out of school hours

Update: Patrols of the embankment and bridge have been increased in effort to identify offenders. Talks at schools will be given regarding the consequences of throwing stones at traffic and people. Any offenders identified will be visited at home and Behaviour Orders considered.

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