Priorities for Stepping Hill and Davenport

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Last updated: 14/03/2016

What: We've received reports of youths acting in an anti social manner and causing criminal damage.

Where: KFC, London Rd, Hazel Grove

When: Weekends in the early evening

Update: We're patrolling the area on a regular basis, speaking to the staff in KFC to establish who is causing the problems.

Last updated: 14/03/2016

What: Reports of youths acting in an anti social manner and setting fire to wheelie bins

Where: Great Moor Park and nearby shops based on the A6

When: Friday & Saturday nights

Update: The youths that are identified as causing problems have received home visits and signed Acceptable Behaviour contracts.
Last updated: 14/03/2016

What: We've seen an increase in shoplifting

Where: Small supermarkets in Great Moor

When: No particular day or time

Update: We've been speaking with staff at the stores and viewing CCTV footage to identify the offenders.

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