Priorities for Broadheath

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Last updated: 14/11/2017

What: Burglary

Where: All areas of Trafford South have been hit by burglaries.

When: The offenders are targeting properties mostly during the daytime, Monday to Friday. Most of these have been rear breaks, by smashing green patio doors with bricks, pebbles and unknown implements. High performance vehicles have been stolen, when vehicle keys have been left out on kitchen worktops and window sills. High value jewellery has also been stolen during these burglaries.

Update: We are patrolling the hot-spot areas as often as possible. We are constantly looking at new information coming to light about suspicious vehicles in these areas and piecing together information about the offenders. Two offenders were arrested during the first week of March in Timperley, caught in the act after breaking into a house.

Last updated: 14/11/2017

What: Antisocial behaviour

Where: In the Woodstock Park area of Broadheath, and parts of the Broadheath retail park

When: School holidays, evenings and weekends

Update: Local youths have been identified and will be attending Altrincham Police Station in November with parents. These youths will be spoken with individually about their actions and the consequences of their behaviour.
Last updated: 14/11/2017

What: Burglary and theft of motor vehicle. Homes are being targeted usually round the rear of the property by smashing patio windows with bricks or rocks. Vehicle keys, cash or jewellery are being stolen.

Where: In the whole Trafford South area, including Broadheath

When: Daytime and overnight

Update: We are urging residents to remain vigilant and to take steps to secure their homes with house alarms, utilising light timers, securing windows with locks, not leaving valuable items on show including vehicle keys, to keep vehicles in garages in possible and to report suspicious circumstances to us on the 101 number.

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