/ Submitting a research proposal

This page provides information about the process of applying to GMP for support with your research, including how GMP will be able to assist you with your request and the form you will be required to complete.

The GMP Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Board sits monthly, and is responsible for assessing and evaluating new research proposals.

The board takes into account a number of factors when considering research proposals, including

  • The extent to which the research assists GMP in gaining valuable insight into how it might improve service delivery, internal practices, policies and procedures.
  • Academic research must be at a post-graduate level; unfortunately we do not accept undergraduate research. In addition, we can only accept proposals from Masters level students for qualitative data, due to academic deadlines and time involved in facilitating access to quantitative data.
  • The practicalities of assisting with the research request,, without putting undue pressure on police resources. Please note that research timelines should allow sufficient time for a data sharing agreement to be developed, where applicable.
  • Whether the research proposal duplicates or is very similar to current research.

If you do have a research proposal to submit to GMP, please complete this research proposal form. and email it to researchhub@gmp.police.uk

If you require any assistance in completing the form, please email researchhub@gmp.police.uk.

Your proposal will be considered by a member of the Research Hub, who may contact you with questions or queries before it is submitted to the Evidence Based Practice Board.

Below are the 2019 dates that the Evidence Based Practice Board will meet, along with deadlines for the submission of research proposal forms. Please note that these dates may be subject to change due to operational demands.

Date of Latest Submission of Research Proposal

Date of the EBP Board meeting

Friday 18th January Wednesday 30th January
Friday 15th February Thursday 28th February
Friday 16th March Thursday 28th March
Friday 12th April Thursday 25th April
Friday 10th May Thursday 23rd May
Friday 14th June Thursday 27th June
Friday 12th July Thursday 25th July
Friday 9th August Thursday 22nd August
Friday 13th September Thursday 26th September
Friday 11th October Thursday 24th October
Friday 8th November Thursday 21st November
Friday 7th December Thursday 19th December


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