/ Keeping your technology safe

Know where your technology is right now?

  • Download the Find My iPhone app for the iPhone, iPad or one of the many apps that provide this function for Smart phones, the Blackberry or Android based computer tablets and you will be able to track it if it becomes lost or stolen.
  • In some instances this function is already pre-loaded on your Smartphone or tablet and just has to be activated. On Apple products the app is free and there may also be free versions of this type of app for the other devices.
  • Once downloaded these apps allow you through using another Smartphone, laptop or computer to quickly ascertain where the device is using global positioning – very handy if you are the sort of person who leaves things on buses or in pubs or cafes.
  • If you think you are in earshot of the device you can get it to make a ringing sound so you can find where you left it. You can also remotely display a message on your device telling someone who may have found it to get in touch with you.
  • Importantly these apps also help police recover your Smartphone or tablet should it be stolen. There have been a number of cases where these apps have helped officers to track down thieves and return the Smartphone or device to its rightful owner.
  • Use security lock codes on your electronic valuables if they have them
  • Keep a record of the electronic serial number (ESN) of your electronic valuables
  • If you have a phone with an IMEI number keep this also. You can access this by typing *#06# (star hash 06 hash) into your mobile. It will display the 15 digit IMEI code for that phone
  • Security mark your valuables with your postcode and house number

Things to consider when choosing a tracking application

  • Make sure you download a reputable app (check review sites)
  • Make sure the app tracks using GPS (more accurate tracking)
  • Remember that once your service provider “blocks” your phone you will not be able to track it.
  • Some apps have the ability to take covert photographs of the person using the phone, or record their internet usage trail.
  • Remember; if your device has been stolen and you later track it through one of these apps, let the officer dealing with your case know that you have traced it. Never be tempted to attend the location to recover the property yourself.

Most of all remember prevention is better than recovery

  • If possible keep your phone out of sight in public areas
  • Ensure your phone is password / PIN protected
  • Don’t leave your phone on tables or other places where someone could easily pick it up
  • Don’t let strangers use your phone. If it is an emergency, call the emergency services on their behalf
  • Stay alert when using your phone
  • If your phone is stolen, call your network or 08701 123 123 to get your phone blocked
  • Postcode your phone using a UV pen and register it on the national database www.immobilise.com. This means it will be easier to return your phone to you if it is stolen

Making it harder for thieves and robbers to target your mobile phone and other portable valuables is easier than you think.

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