Local Commander's message - Airport

Superintendent Graeme Openshaw

Division Commander

Manchester Airport is a major international airport handling millions of passengers every year travelling on business or leisure to all parts of the world. The airport also handles significant volumes of freight and is a large regional employer in its own right. Uniquely, it also has its own distinctive community unlike any other within Greater Manchester.

Policing at Manchester Airport is provided by a dedicated team of specialist police officers and staff working 24 hours each day to keep passengers, visitors and staff at the airport safe at all times. This involves providing a full range of tradtional policing services alongside a number of specialist policing functions that are only found at Manchester Airport.

Also, we are committed to support Manchester Airport and other agencies by continually improving the way we work together to make the customer experience as safe and enjoyable and as it can be.

Whilst instances of crime and anti-social behaviour within the airport environment are very low we are constantly working to minimise such occcurences thereby ensuring that it remains a pleasant place to visit and work.

Finally, my team at Manchester Airport are always looking to improve the service we provide by listening to your feedback and being responsive to your concerns. We are here to serve, support and protect you.

Call  0161 856 0250 or email manchesterairport.npt@gmp.police.uk

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