Inspector - Bolton Town Centre

Andrea Fletcher

Inspector Andrea Fletcher

I am the Neighbourhood Inspector for Bolton Town Centre and Halliwell
I am proud to lead a dynamic team of committed officers who strive to provide an excellent service to keep the people of Bolton safe.
Police officers have been provide with smartphones and laptops to provide an even more efficient service.

Over the last 12 months Greater Manchester Police have had to change the way that we deliver our service and we have been busy consolidating those changes.
Keeping Greater Manchester safe isn’t just down to GMP – the public have to play their part too by working and supporting the Police service.
We are effectively allocating resources to those individual in most need and protecting vulnerable people .

We are currently rolling out the Citizen contract which is GMP’s plan to have an open and honest discussions with the public to agree on what service GMP can provide but also what we need in return from the public.
There will be meetings with GMP colleagues and members of the public to gain feedback on what the contract needs to include.
We are committed to operate in a way that is relevant to local communities.

The Neighbourhood priorities are to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.
We continue to work closely with partners and a range of charitable organisations to help the vulnerable who have turned to rough sleeping and begging in the town centre.
And also tackling issues of psychoactive substances which are having an impact on our local community
Neighbourhood officers give more emphasis to problem solving and try to intervene early to tackle root causes of local problems, crime and repeat demand for service.
By engaging with our partners, community groups and volunteers we can achieve the most effective results.

Before you ring the Police ask yourself are we the best service to deal with your problem initially?
Other Organisations and services have powers too

ASB/ Problems with Neighbours – Housing Association/ ASB Team /Landlord

Loud music – Contact Environmental Health / Housing Association / Landord

Repair of Cars - Trading Standards / Housing association/ Landord

Teenage Drinking – Licensing Office, (Council) May investigate local shops selling to u18

Parking of cars – Only ring Police if there is a genuine obstruction e.g Cannot get off driveway

Medical Problem – In an Emergency ring ambulance service or get yourself to your GP

Social Media - Report to service provider, use blocking or take yourself off

We will bring you regular updates on our webpage Twitter and Facebook. If you have a particular issues to discuss please get in touch.
If you have any information that will assist us in disrupting criminal activities and you want to remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

You can also follow us on @GMPBoltonSouth or @GMPBoltonCentral on Twitter or find us on Facebook GMP Bolton South / GMP Bolton Central

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