Inspector - Bolton Town Centre

Kevin Lister

Inspector Kevin Lister

I have now been posted to the South Area and have responsibility from Neighbourhood policing on the Town Centre and the Halliwell ward. I have been with GMP now for almost 27 years and have been the Sergeant on both areas previously, so I know the communities and the challenges we face going forward. The work I will be focusing on in the next few months is the reduction of Personal Robbery and Burglary. We have identified the robbery issue as one that has come up before and after some good work from local officers, the issue reduced. Since 1st January we have now recorded 20 such offences. The spike we saw at the beginning of the year has now slowed down and we have recorded 1 since 21st February. This will however now see focus on the prevention of further offences and how to avoid becoming a victim alongside a proactive investigation when such offences do occur. I would urge members of the public to report these offences, if they are a victim or a witness, accurate recording provides us with the best chance of making a difference through the work that follows such reports. We will be sending out more information and education over the coming weeks and keeping everyone updated on offences and outcomes.

In relation to burglaries we have recorded 26 residential burglary offences since 1st January on Haliwell ward and the town centre. 23 of these offences are in Halliwell. As a local team we have a tactical plan we are working towards and will share any information we can going forward, in relation to results and threats. The quick wins for everyone is to prevent offences, which is as simple as locking your doors even when you are in. There has been an occasion recently were thieves have been trying the handles on doors when one resident was sat watching TV in the front room, luckily it was locked on that occasion. If you have a back gate is it locked? Don’t leave purses and ipads etc on view from the outside, place them in a drawer and take small steps to prevent this type of offending. Lastly I want to encourage the reporting of suspicious activity, if you think someone is planning a crime or committing a crime, just acting in a manner that makes you concerned, report it. That type of contact is something that we need to move forward and take advantage of the opportunities the community tells us about. I can’t always promise we will be attending every incident and report ‘at that time’ as we make tough choices on prioritising incidents against risks, alongside the resource levels we have. But I can promise we will work as hard as we are able, to keep you safe and stay focused on delivering local policing with an engaged community.

As we move forward towards the summer months we will have numerous engagement opportunities for the public to come and speak with the team. I would urge you to do this or make contact through the website and lets continue the conversation about making communities safer.

Insp Kevin Lister

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