Inspector - Kearsley

Michael Reid

Inspector Michael Reid

Dear Residents,

I hope you have had a good year so far and are getting ready for the winter. We want to advise that you are prepared for the darker nights and look after yourself, family, friends and neighbours. We have also been speaking with residents all over Greater Manchester as part of the Citizens' Contact to ensure we are all working together to create a safer future.

Following our crime prevention advice such as using light timers, closing curtains, moving items from outside such as ladders and garden tools and securing them away; can make a big difference.

Don’t forget when you are out and about; take care of your personal safety, make sure you can be seen and stay alert if walking around with headphones on/ your mobile phone - thieves could come from behind if you are distracted.

Consider all the appropriate options to get in touch, either via 101 or the LiveChat function on this website - there may be other services who are able to assist you. Always ring 999 in an emergency.

Our Neighbourhood team are out and about, and looking at ways to assist you. Over the next few months there will be changes to the way your Neighbourhood team are set up to make sure we are policing your area in the most effective way. We will keep you updated on this early in the New Year.

Kind Regards and Stay Safe

Inspector Mike Reid

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