Inspector - Rumworth

Scott Brady

Inspector Scott Brady

TACKLING crime at source and strengthening relations between communities and the police are among my top priorities as your local Area Inspector.

We have an excellent team here at Bolton who are dedicated and enthusiastic in their role and are keen to harness the “pride and passion” amongst residents in a collective approach to crack down on crime. Our Citizen’s Contract is a plan to have an open and honest discussion with the public to agree on what service we can provide and what need in return. I am delighted to have PS 17066 Catterall join the team bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with him.

I am also aware that Winter season is fast approaching. Can I urge all members of the public to help reduce crime by locking valuables away and not leaving them on display in unattended vehicles. The same goes for burglaries by ensuring your windows and doors are locked. The darker nights can unfortunately mean the opportunist criminal will be out and about so please review your home security for (example installing security lights) and any presents you buy for Christmas are not visible from outside your address.

For further information about this or to contact my team with regard to any other matters please call 0161 856 5619 or 0161 856 5608, or follow us on GMP Bolton South Facebook/Twitter

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