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Jon Middleton / Shoheb Chowdhury

Inspector Jon Middleton Inspector Shoheb Chowdhury
I am the Fallowfield Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector with responsibility for the areas of Fallowfield, Platt Fields, Withington, Old Moat, Burnage & Levenshulme. I have broad experience in a number of roles in GMP & enjoyed returning to the South Manchester Division in 2014 after having last previously worked here in 2007. I have been very impressed with the ongoing work by the team in conjunction with the community and partner agencies to make people safer and feel safer.

This is a very challenging role particularly in light of austerity measures resulting in cuts to the number of Police Officers I have on my teams. This is in conjunction with greater and more complex demand around challenging areas such as Child Sexual Exploitation, Cyber Crime, Human trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. I have to balance these demands with other areas where people are vulnerable such as sexual crime & domestic violence along with traditional violent/property crime such as robbery and burglary. Leaders on the team meet every day to discuss these demands over the last 24hrs and priorities our response to them. We also meet monthly to look at analysis of areas such as Burglary & Vulnerability and then set actions to deal with this, whether it be patrolling, investigation, intelligence gathering or prevention work.

Additionally there are areas of work demanding our time and resources that are the responsibility or our partners to manage but which quite rightly we should support. A big one is noisy parties and related anti-social behaviour. This is a big concern to many in our communities and has a large impact on the quality of their lives.

The area is a safe area to live and work but please help us to help you from being a victim of crime by visiting the crime prevention page on this website

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Kind Regards,

Inspector Jon Middleton
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